Hide lyrics in full score layout?

Hi, I’m using DORICO Elements 5 on W10. Is it possible to hide lyrics in full score layout or in part layout? Is it possible to see lyrics only in the singer layout?
Thanks for your help.

Lyrics can’t be hidden, no.

You’d have to create additional Players, duplicate the music, but not the lyrics. (Elements has a limit for Players, which may not help you.)

You could change the Paragraph Style for selected syllables in the Properties panel, and make sure it’s a Local change. The Paragraph Style would have to be tiny and invisible.

Are you just trying to save space in the Full Score? Perhaps there’s other things that can be done. Ideally, the conductor needs to see everything that’s going on.

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You should probably fake it by copying the music of the singer to another staff without lyrics and get rid of the real singer in the full score layout. Dorico is very flexible for this.
I agree with Ben in that I find it very strange for the conductor not having lyrics…

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I have had sackbut players request lyrics in their parts in e.g. Praetorius, which I don’t need in the full score as they’re in the choral parts. The instrumental parts in this music are flexible and written almost interchangeably with the vocal parts, so lyrics are easy to extrapolate, and the sackbut players like to work from the vowels and consonants. So being able to hide lyrics in a layout would be useful for me at least.

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Yes, viol players like to see lyrics in colla voce parts, too, as they will bow to the phrase. But in a lot of that kind of 16th/17th-century rep, either the instrumental part IS the vocal part, or the one part contains notes without lyrics for the instrument, followed by notes with lyrics, all on the same part. But I digress.

If this were a Layout Option, you’d need checkboxes for every staff in the Layout, which would add to the array of options significantly. A Hide Property would be simpler, but require more work (selecting/filtering all the lyrics; one flow at a time).

Could you simply make a second copy of the vocal layout for the Sackbut, or do you need phrasing marks that preclude that?

If necessary…

I believe that limit was removed for Version 5.

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Unfortunately no, because each sackbut player (sackbuttist? sackbutter? saque-boutier?) plays off of their own one-staff part, and the vocal layout typically has all the choir parts plus continuo, contributing to many page turns. I can just leave lyrics in all the instrumental parts in the full score, but then condensing is a nightmare, and even without condensing it is harder to read because at a glance it doesn’t match up with what’s happening sonically (“hold up, I’m not hearing that line of text sung there… oh that’s why, never mind”).

Please, add an option to hide lyrics in the next version of Dorico.
Here’s an example of an exercise where it would be useful to have this tool.
I am alternating hiding chord symbols and Roman numerals, one each measure, so the student can complete what is missing. The chords I can hide, but the lyrics I suppose I have to delete the ones I don’t want. Not a big deal in this case, but it would be useful to have the option to hide the lyrics and keep the model complete for other exercises.

Hello everyone. Thank you to Ben, Marc, Derrek and others for their responses. I see that I’m not alone in wishing to be able to hide lyrics in certain layouts.

I also use lyrics to notate fingerings for a MIDI wind instrument (AKAI EWI 5000, see attached file below). These fingerings are written on two lines for each note (left hand and right hand). It’s unnecessary for these fingerings to appear on the full score layout.

I hope that Dorico will consider implementing this feature in a future version.

Of course, what you really want is a better way of adding left-hand and right-hand fingerings (which may or may not involve lyrics!) and be able to hide them in the score! :grin:

A more modern usage that would benefit from being able to show/hide lyrics on a per-layout basis would be lead sheets.

Concert pitch lead sheets would benefit from having them for vocalists to read from, but there’s little benefit in them appearing in transposed layouts that will only be used by instrumentalists.

Another method of essentially “hiding” lyrics without losing the connection to the original music would be to use cues: you can omit lyrics from cues, and change the settings to hide bar rests alongside cues, and make cues full-size.

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I know some instrumentalists who like to have lyrics in colla voce parts, so that they can match their phrasing to the words.

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We really need this feature.

In my case, I’m making an instrument method book, layout represents multiple version of the book. I would not want the student version to have the lyrics, but I would need the teacher version to have it. I don’t want to make multiple version of a player or multiple Dorico file for each book version as everything else work as is, AND if I fix a note somewhere, or change the order of something I could forget to spread the change

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This would do exactly what you need without much work at all.

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Thanks Dan and @benwiggy. I’ve set up a Paragraph Style using tiny lyrics with alpha channel 0. The lyrics disappear beautifully, but not the lyrics extender lines. Any thoughts?

Same problem here…I use lyrics for counting times for actors (because I can place them perfectly like this)…but I don’t need these counting times in the full score, because normally the conductor doesn’t need them :smile:
So I would really appreciate to have a ‘hide lyrics’ feature.
—> but this can also be solved via the alpha channel (setting it to 0)

Hey Lillie,
could u please explain that a bit more detailed? I don’t have a clue yet (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) what you mean…

I too would value a ‘show/hide lyrics’ function.