Hide lyrics tail

I’m writing a song on a lead sheet where the instrumental interludes appear on the same staff as the vocal line. Dorico interprets the interludes as a continuation of the vocal, and puts a tail where the singer would have stopped singing. Any work around for this?

First, try deleting and reinputting the final syllable, confirming with Enter rather than Space.

If that doesn’t work, select the final lyric and take a look at the bottom left corner - the status bar - which should give you a bar number range for that lyric (e.g. Lyric, bar 10-16). Set the rhythmic grid resolution to a long note value, then type Shift-Alt-Left repeatedly. Dependent on the “length” of the lyric, as shown in the status bar, it may take quite a number of Shift-Alt-Lefts until you see a change on screen, but you’ll get there eventually. If you overshoot or need more granularity, set the rhythmic grid resolution back to a short note value and use Shift-Alt-Right to extend as necessary.


Thank you that works!