Hide / Mask tempo marking

Hello everyone,
I’m new on the forum but have been using Dorico since some months
I’m seeking to hide tempo markings (progressive and immediate) in the separated parts in order to condense multi bars silences, and I don’t find anything allowing this (the Property pannel doesn’t give this option)
Can you help me out ? I need to solve this pretty quickly :pensive: !

I don’t think this is possible in Dorico, at least, with the standard tools. If you really want this, you might insert fake tempo markings with staff text in the parts where you want them to appear, but frankly, I don’t see why you’d want to.
In general, players that have extended periods of rests should still be able to see tempo changes occurring. It helps with counting the rests, and it’s useful during rehearsals when a conductor asks to start at a certain tempo marking. Everyone should have those in their part.
It’s not necessary to see every tempo change if a player is silent for entire movements, but Dorico has a Tacet function that takes care of that.

Yes of course i know, but in this case it’s an orchestration of contemporary music with like a lot of tempo changes indicated (one every two or three bars)
But thanks for your answer ! At least I know it’s just not possible
I might note it direcetly on the paper, I’ll see
Have a nice evening

Why not just duplicate the project and remove the offending tempo marks from the copy?