Hide Measure Number Under Rehersal Number

I have watched videos and read many topics here. It doesn’t look like it’s working for me. That measure number will show under the rehearsal mark. I need it not to show. Thank you!

The setting is not ticked, but still shows.

Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 9.47.26 AM

If my memory serves, that option only applies when bar numbers and rehearsal marks are shown on the same side of the staff (either both above, or both below).

So, would I manually have to remove the bar number under each rehearsal mark for every instrument in the score?

It looks like I found it—very tedious work. I hope an upcoming version addresses this.

Note that you can have your properies set to Global, so you just have to perform the operation once for each hidden bar number.


Awesome!!! Thanks for heads up!

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Don’t forget to set it back to local after all appropriate bar numbers have been hidden to avoid properies propagated when you don’t want them to. This tool is very powerful and "with great power comes great responsibility " as some marvel philosopher used to say…