Hide name in "Instrument changes"

I saw a lot of topics with similar questions, but I can’t find an answer to my specific issue.
Please forgive me if this thread already exists.
I need to alternate a 5 line staff with a single line one in order to indicate some extended cello techniques.
I created a percussion instrument, I’m switching between these two instruments and this works fine.

The problem is that: I don’t want to show the instrument change in the score (to cello).
So I can change the instrument name clearing it but at the same time when a system starts with the single line staff I would like to show the instrument name.
There are some settings or workarounds to avoid to clear all the “to cello” one by one or write manually “Cello” at the beginning of the systems?


You can use the player name instead of the instrument name in layout options. Just call the player „Cello“ in setup mode.