Hide one channel of a linked pair?

I’ve searched the manual and this forum, and can’t figure this one out:

Consider getting a stereo pair from a pix editor as two adjacent tracks. You pan one channel hard left, one channel hard right. Then you link the two channels together, so they fade as one.

In previous versions of the mixer, you could set one of the two channels as ‘can hide’. Then, when you selected the “hide channels” function of the mxer, that channel would disappear from the mixer… meaning it also wouldn’t take up a fader on your hardware controller, a very handy thing when the editor has sent you lots of pairs like that.

With the new mixer, it looks like ‘can hide’ only appears on the list with round buttons on the left. But if two channels are linked and you try to hide one, the other hides as well!

How can I hide a single channel of a linked pair? Or do I have to do a very clumsy workaround, dragging the unwanted channels way off to the side?