Hide reminder clefs

When creating work sheets and exams for my students I sometimes come across this problem: A new clef in a new line automatically triggers Dorico to draw the same clef at the end of the previous line as a reminder. That’s fine normally but for work sheets I sometimes want to hide those. This is an example where I’d like to hide the last f-clef in line one:

Slice 24

Or imagine an exercise where in every line the student has to fill in a scale and any new line has a new clef. The reminder clef is not needed.
For now I did split flows but that comes with other issues like having to manage flow headings manually. It would be a nice addition to the clefs notation options.

I think the longest thread in forum history (if not, it’s close) is the one about providing options to hide or suppress cautionary or preparatory clefs, key signatures and time signatures. It’s not something we’ve chosen to work on in Dorico 4, but we know there are plenty of situations where it would be useful.

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Another alternative to flows is to input a coda where you want the split, set the coda gap to 0 (if you want) and hide the coda.

For managing flow headings - it sounds like you’re already quite familiar with how this works, but for a worksheet, you could hide automatic flow headings (either globally in the layout or locally on individual pages) if needed?

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Well, the Lead sheet (Real Book-style) options D4 provides go a long way to soothe the pain in this regard…!


That’s a nice workaround! Thank you!

I like to use the flow titles for the exercise questions. That way I can easily rearrange all the exercises later (by just rearranging the flows) or reuse them when working on similar worksheets. There are more advantages like automatic numbering of exercises. So it really helps to keep an exercise within a flow.

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