Hide / Remove bottom piano stave

I want only the top stave for my piano track, how do I hide / remove the bottom one?

ScreenHunter 62

Select the first rest in the lower staff, right click with mouse and select Staff / Remove staff

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If you want a single-staff instrument all the way through, consider adding a “Scratch” staff and renaming it. It will still play piano sound, and you won’t have the weirdness that can happen with a removed staff.

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Also note that it is impossible to remove a single piano staff if you have Layout Options/Chord Symbols set to show between staves.


And another small addendum. If you remove the staff as suggested by @derhannes and don’t want the brace on the single staff you can (obviously) delete it in Engrave mode or you can select the corresponding option in the Layout Options > Brackets and Braces


By the way, can anyone confirm that this option cannot be Safed as Default? It does not work here.

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