Hide rest

I try to get red of this rest, But I can’t
Please Help

Select the passage (or just the rest, if there are other rests you need to keep) then Edit > Remove Rests.

Incidentally, searching “hide rest” in the online manual brings up the instructions Leo provided above as the first result.

Thank you
I have a 2 voice top note of the chord, It’s not aligned the chord like previous one

I know that. I’m sorry for posting
The reason why I can’t use online manual Because my English is so poor

Isn’t blue typically Upstem Voice 1, and red Downstem Voice 1? It looks like you have your voices switched.

Can you post the score here, zipped? Might be faster to help you out!

Voice colors are added in a particular order, but the actual assignment of color to voice number also depends on the order in which the voices are created (or first used). The first voice you use will always be blue, and the second will always be red, but the first voice you use may be Downstem Voice 1 rather than Upstem Voice 1. Then throw into the mix that at any point you can right-click on any note and switch that entire voice from being a Default Stems Up voice to a Default Stems Down voice, which will change the name of the voice, and its behaviour, but not its color.

TEst.zip (1.9 MB)