Hide rests in percussion systems not possible

Hi community,

when i have two instruments in a percussion kit (2 Roto-toms in my case) and set the kit it in grid-mode, it is not possible to hide rests?

How can i achieve this possiblity? I know it works in single-line mode, but i need the staves to be as close as possible (ideally on one line, one stem up and one stem down)

You cannot remove rests in percussion staves; indeed at present they are completely uneditable. We expect this to change in a future version of the software, but not imminently.

Try selecting the notes in the other voice and choosing Edit > Percussion > Extra Down-stem Voice for those notes.

Thanks Daniel, that’s enough for my needs

You can hide rests in percussion staves replacing them by notes without stem/ledger lines and with transparent color. You will also have to suppress playback for these notes.