Hide/show opened plugins shortcut (as editors are fixed and harder to position things)

Ok this is something Logic has which improves the workflow, sometimes I just need to see the arrangement when I have a bunch of plugins open, a shortcut to quickly hide them all and quickly redisplay them would improve the workflow loads.

Also, It seems Cubase has copied logic by having the editors fixed into position, but now as you cant move the editor around without having to open a new one in a window and close the fixed one it makes it harder to position things where you can see everything, so adding this feature would make sense for working with the new layout.


There is a key command to close the display of all open VSTis.

I don’t know how to open the display of all project VSTi’s, but on a track basis: SHIFT-ALT click on the little “e” will open all of a track’s VSTi’s.

The workaround would be to use two workspaces and to toggle between them, but this would be more neat I suppose.

Only one workspace needed, the one to show the open plug-ins of choice. As I mentioned in the post immediately above, three is a key command to close all open plug-ins.