If I use a string indication from the Techniques panel, I can hide it in the score via the Properties panel, and it will show in the part. But, if I use the string indicators from the Properties panel, they can’t be hidden? Am I missing something here? I like the look and size of the ones from Properties, and they are easier to place in the score. However, I don’t want them in the score. I feel I’m missing something obvious. Usually I can figure this out.

As always, thanks.

Are you talking about string indicators for fretted instruments? If so, you can turn them on in the part layout with the Set local properties switch set to Local.

Thank you! I jumped from 3.1 to 4, and while I had read about the Global/Local settings, I hadn’t worked with them.

Much appreciated! And, nice to see you here - it seems you had been away, or not as active, recently. Hope fully - if that was the case - it was for only good reasons.


No problem! I am indeed away at the moment and I’m somewhat dependent on a satellite connection that comes and goes. Normal service will resume some time next month…

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Well, good to know that the issue of one internet connectivity, and nothing more serious!

Is there was a way of filtering notes with ‘fretted instrument within stave’ string indicators - because it can take a while to find them all amongst multiple flows and different fretted instruments?
Then it takes a while to go through them all unchecking them within the Full score.
Perhaps there is a way - but I haven’t found it yet.

No, you can’t filter notes specifically by the properties they have set, I’m afraid. It would be useful and powerful, no doubt, but it would also be quite complicated to implement so it’s unlikely to be added imminently.

I wonder if perhaps there’s an underlying feature request for string indicators on fretted instruments to be (in)visible as a Layout Option, just as fingerings are.

That would be very helpful. Unless one is writing for a large guitar ensemble, fingerings and string indications are not helpful in a score; in an ensemble including guitar they are even less necessary. It’s similar to harp pedaling - this is not included in an orchestral score. A conductor doesn’t been to know what string a guitarist is playing a passage on.
But, as long as they can be hidden we can make do with it he way it is (well, I can!).