hide staves that aren't empty

I just finished my piano trio and now I want to make a part for the piano with the violin and violoncello on smaller staffs. This worked fine.
Now I want to exclude these extra string parts on a certain page, and I don’t want to delete the notes so I can’t use hide empty staves. I tried to do it with a master page change with a new master page that looks like the default but with the string instruments filtered out. But then the strings disappear from the entire layout.

Any suggestions?


  1. Add a new Cello and a new Violin to your project.
  2. Put them in a group in Setup mode to bypass automated numbering.
  3. Exclude them from the main score.
  4. Add them to the parts.
  5. Cue into them from the “real” Violin and Cello staves.

Or perhaps even more flexibly, cue them into ossia staves!

Ah thanks! But then I have to fake the cued parts into looking like real parts, and there I got sort of stuck.
In the end I just exported two versions (with and without cued parts) and inserted the right page into the other pdf :slight_smile:

Ha thanks, tried that as well. But then the ossia’s ended up in the full score.

You can turn off Ossias in the score from Layout Options > Staves and Systems…

Thanks! But that would probably hide my real ossia’s I guess.