Hide system objects above top staff?

Hi everyone,

is it possible to hide system objects (like tempo indications, rehearsal marks…) above the top staff?

I’m currently working on a larger project for a live to projection concert, so the very top staff is just a hit point / sync line. For obvious reasons it would be preferable to have system objects only above the WW and strings and not above the hit point staff (as would be the default behaviour with Dorico’s built in timecode/marker staff, which unfortunately isn’t ideal for this project).

Only workaround I can think of right now is having system objects shown above the WW section as well and then dragging everything above the hit point staff off the page in engrave mode. Is there a better way? Maybe even an “official” solution for this problem I may have overlooked?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not at my computer but fooling around with this might help:

I’m afraid you can’t hide system items from the top staff through any automatic means, Nick. The kind of workaround you’re employing is probably the best you can do.

Thanks for the confirmation, Daniel!

Is there any update on this issue, I’ve got piano/vocal layouts with a 75% size on the vocal staff. I’d like to have the system objects just above the piano staves scaled normally and not above the vocal staff, so they’re easy to read for the piano player.

It would be most helpful if there was an option to simply hide system objects above the top staff.


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No, there haven’t been any updates in this area since last year.