Hide text in parts but keep in score

In reading some older posts, I have seen the suggestion that, in order to have a text item appear in one layout but not in another (e.g. the full score), one should open the Properties panel, turn off collision avoidance, and set the “Opacity” to 0. Then to propagate the property. After that one goes to the layout where you do wish the text to appear and reset the “Opacity” and re-check the collision avoidance box.

First, I don’t see a control marked “Opacity” when I click to get the color pop-up. I see that reducing the Alpha to 0 makes the text disappear, but when I go through the editing step of putting things back, everything – score and part – go back to the way they were.

(I’m using 3.5.12.)

For text items entered with Shift+X or Alt+Shift+X there’s no need for this opacity trick, as there’s a Hide property which, like all properties, can be layout-specific. You must’ve seen some very old posts…

I’m finding that for Shift+X text items that click Hide in the Properties panel affects both score and part.

Is there some other location for the button that hides the text in a lay-out specific way?


Make sure this switch on the right-hand side of the properties panel is set to Locally, then you can hide text items on a per-layout basis.
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That did it. Many thanks.

I think it’s a PC vs. Mac thing. I was reading about Alpha channels on the forums, wondered what that was, and then figured out on Mac it’s referred to as opacity.

Interestingly, on Dorico for iPad you have to change the Alpha Channel.