Hide The Solo Button In Mix Console Window

It’d be great to be able to hide the solo button in the mix console window so it’s less tempting to mix in solo. Then if you need to solo it could either be done in the edit window or have a key command that would toggle it back on. Basically making it more inconvenient to solo.

What do you mean by this?

Although it is very Zen in a one hand clapping kind of way

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Just because something sounds good in solo doesn’t mean it’s best for the overall mix. So if it’s harder to solo (hiding the button) it will force me to turn the source up 5-10 db and eq, etc in the context of the mix as opposed to out of context (in solo) . Hope that makes sense. Mixing in solo too much has been detrimental to many of my mixes over the years and I’m always looking for ways to shake bad habits.

This sounds more like an issue with your mixing rather than an issue with Cubase. The solo button is essential in the mixer console for just about everyone. Hiding it would hinder everyone.

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Accommodating different workflows is a good this.

I actually think it’s a decent idea.

It can be a visibility option.

Yeah, it’s an issue with my mixing and if my DAW can assist me in removing bad habits and delivering better mixes with a simple feature then I think it’s worth considering.

You could compare this to something like screen time on an iPhone. Say you’re addicted to an app, you can utilize screen time to minimize usage and help break bad habits. I think that’s a great feature for users.

I wouldn’t say hiding solo would hinder everyone. I mean at the moment you can hide half the active audio channels in your mix console. That doesn’t seem any different to me.

Now that I’ve thought about it more:
Maybe it’s not a visibility thing but a preference instead. Something like:
“When in solo lock/disable”

  1. Insert editors
  2. Channel EQ
  3. Sends

That way you could still solo but only have access to fader and pan. Then it would be harder to eq, compress, effect, etc. while in solo.

But if you wanted to turn it off briefly, you could set a key command to toggle the pref.

Just imagine though if you had this function - all the forum posts from people wondering why the Send/EQ/Insert isn’t working. It’d be all over the place.

Out of everything SB can spend development resources on I’d probably put this almost all the way at the bottom of the list. I really think, quite strongly in fact, that this is just a matter of learning how to work.

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That’s like me needing to loose weight (true) & expecting the supermarket to make it more difficult to find the ice cream.

I’m still curious what you mean by “mixing in solo” since soloing a Track means turning all the other Tracks off, how can you mix if there is nothing to mix it into? Or are you Soloing every Track to include them in the mix?

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Presumably EQing, compressing, etc. on individual (soloed) tracks rather than doing so in the context of the mix.
I wouldn’t refer to that as a bad habit, and hiding the Solo button isn’t going to fix it.

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Hardly, often it is a necessity.

But then there’s the stuff about ‘locking’ EQs & Sends when Soloed - not sure what to make of that.

Pretty sure most folks would strongly object to making it harder to do any of those things while Soloed. Often the whole reason you’d Solo a Track is for the purpose of adjusting one of those items.

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Absolutely, but if the primary approach to mixing is by processing solo tracks out of context with the whole, it’s not a bad habit, it’s a fundamental error in mixing multi-track material. Improving mixing skills will go a lot further than hiding buttons.
Your analogy is appropriate, and also cracked me up.

Me neither.