Hide tokens that don't resolve

I was thinking of how to automatically create a list of flows in a master page. This works


Except if the flow doesn’t exist (e.g. you only have four flow) then the token doesn’t resolve and ends up in your final output. One way to automatically solve it is with a flowList token (which doesn’t exist AFAIK), another way is to hide the token in the final print, if it doesn’t resolve. Which … I don’t know, might be a good thing in general since it would add a bit of flexibility in reusable master pages? Not sure.

In general tokens that don’t resolve to a specific string are replaced with an empty string, but for boring technical reasons indexed tokens (that include the flow index) don’t work the same way. It’s unlikely to be something we’ll change in the short term.

No problem, except I like hearing about boring technical reasons :smiley: