Hiding a measure

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Is there a way to hide an empty group of measures, but maintain the empty space? I would like the measure with the colored rests to “be there” but not visible.

Thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2021-10-13 092251

Do you want totally empty space? Or just an empty staff? If the former, use a hidden coda.

Edit: Maybe not, that would put in a bracket as well.

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Just note that if you use a coda, clefs will be restated at the start of the coda section (and brackets, as Craig says).

You could use separate music frames, all in the same frame chain, and use those to separate? although you’d have to line up the frames manually so the continuation of the staff lines matches.

Dorico doesn’t natively handle “cutaway scores” currently although this is planned at some point.

Will the effect on measure numbers be important to you?

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