Hiding a non-empty staff.

I haven’t found a way to do this but it would solve the VC/CB on one staff problem. Enter the notes you want it the score on a stave labeled VC/CB. Then on a separate stave, enter the same notes with a CB instrument, which will be hidden. Voila, VC and CB in octaves.

You could just add the CB player, add the music, and then hide the player from your layouts. The part would exist and the music would exist, but it wouldn’t be displayed.

It wouldn’t play back, though. Now that separate voices can have separate channels, it might be possible to duplicate the music in a second voice, but not make it appear. (Overlap noteheads and hide stems?) The 2nd voice can be routed to another MIDI channel.

True. I had forgotten that.

If you have a CB sound that automatically transposes, then in a player like ARIA you can have two slots accept input from the same MIDI channel.

Just checking: Are there any CB sounds that automatically transpose in ARIA-compatible libraries? I can’t find any in GPO.

Not that I know of in GPO. When I have sent a MIDI channel to multiple slots, it has been for other doublings since ARIA cannot reset the pitch by an octave.

On the other hand, HALion can be set to receive multiple instruments on one channel and can also configure an instrument to play an octave lower; so the chance is that some other players can do both.