Hiding advisory time/key signatures

I’m writing out a song that has multiple verses with a refrain before verse 1 and between verses - a fairly standard church song format. I have a system break at the end of the refain for clarity in reading. The refrain is in 6/8 time, but verse 1 begins in 9/8; I end up with a 9/8 advisory time signature at the end of the refrain’s system, which is not correct for verses 2 and 3. If I try to hide the advisory time signture, it also hides the needed 9/8 time signture at the start of verse 1. Is there a way to hide or suppress the advisory time signature while still leaving the regular one intact?

I’ve also run into a similar problem with key signatures, where the refrain is in a different key than verse 1. So same question there, please.

There are two ways at present.

  1. Add a Coda at the new location, then hide the coda sign. You’ll also need to change Engraving Options–Repeat Markers–Repeat Endings–“Default gap before mid-system coda sections” to 0. This is the way I prefer to do it… quick and easy.

  2. Create a new flow. You have to change Layout Options–Page Setup–Flows to allow flow on same page.

And if you want to read the looooong discussion, search the forum for “cautionary.” :slight_smile:

TL;DR: many of us are still hoping for this as a future feature, but it doesn’t seem imminent!

Dan, it’s commendable how you spend your time on this simple question (I mean simple at the first glance) that many of us desperately want to be solved and even brand new members have a need for a simple solution of this “perpetuum mobile”, as shown by bobdehn …