Hiding Arpeggio Signs

Dear all,

Is there a way to hide the arpeggio sign (as it is possible with playing techniques in the properties panel)?

I’m writing some music that will eventually be improvised, and I would like to keep the arpeggios in the playback while only suggesting the way it could be played in the notation. In this particular situation, the notation looks too complex with all the arpeggio signs.


If worse comes to worse, one could always use a duplicate staff for arpeggiated playback and then hide it manually.

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Welcome to the community @Kacper_Smolinski !
If you only need the notes to be played as arpeggio (without any symbol addeed) you can manually offset the desired notes in key editor (played duration)

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Or Alpha channel set to zero :roll_eyes:
Not Custom Scale to 1 (it produces a vertical line, unfortunately)…

Thank you all, it was very helpful.