Hiding articulations in a 'simile' passage


I have a sequence of repeated figures, where the first measure contains both legato and staccato notes, and accented notes.

After the first or second measure, I would like to hide both slurs and accent marks. The word ‘simile’ would indicate that the same marks are implied.

At the same time, I want the playback to be faithful to the intended notation.

I know how I can hide slurs (by changing their opacity to zero), but I don’t know how to hide accent marks and staccato dots. Is there a way? Or, as an alternative, a workaround?


You could create a Playing Technique that triggers staccato and accented notes, but which doesn’t display.

Ben, correct! I’ve been doing this in all my other scores, and was doing it in this new score, just while you were answering!