Hiding automation parameters for the host does not work

VST 3.7 supports the feature to hide an automation parameter in the host. However Cubase 10.0.50 still shows it.

Example code:

tresult PLUGIN_API T2Audio::initialize(FUnknown* context) //wird beim validator 2x aufgerufen?
tresult result = SingleComponentEffect::initialize(context);
if (result != kResultOk) return result;

StringListParameter* listParam2 = new StringListParameter(USTRING(“reserved”), kFile);
for (int i = 0;i < FILEMENULISTMAX;i++) listParam2->appendString(USTRING(FileMenuList[i]));
listParam2->getInfo().flags = ParameterInfo::kIsReadOnly;
listParam2->getInfo().flags = ParameterInfo::kIsHidden;

Cubase 10.0 was released before we introduced this feature. I think we first support this parameter flag in Cubase 11.
And just to make sure as you talk about automation, a parameter with the flag kisHidden can not have the flag kCanAutomate.

Cubase 10.5.10 should already support this flag… but check here for meaning of Hidden:
Parameters and Automation - VST - Steinberg Developer Help