Hiding cautionary clefs and key signatures at system breaks

new to dorico, and finding my way quickly too!

i am however missing one handy feature i used a lot in finale when creating exercises for my students:
*Hiding cautionary clefs and key signatures at system breaks.

this is missing from current dorico 3.5, and the only workaround would be to create a vast number of flows.
the flows however i use for various chapters, each with its title as well.

so, can there be created a subflow function, so as to hide all cautionary stuff after a final bar?
or is there another way to add this feature to the next update?

i consulted everything available and to my surprise nobody knows how and it really seems missing still.

appreciated if this could be solved in some way, thanks!!

Use codas. Cautionaries won’t appear there.

Please see this existing, very long thread.