Hiding continuation text for playing techniques

Is is possible to hide continuation text for playing techniques? There’s the option to parenthesize it or not, but if I try to hide it (changing color to transparent), the initial text is also hidden… Any ideas, please?

By the way, I am not sure if showing the initial text when there’s an arrow is a good idea by default… The arrow usually indicates transformation of the technique. Then the initial technique in the middle of the arrow is not valid (only in part). Maybe this could be considered to be changed (or as an option).
Thank you in advanced!

There’s currently no way to do this, but we may introduce an option to suppress the text playing technique altogether on a new system in future.

Thank you Daniel! In the meantime I have created a playing technique without text that allows to show the arrow (and align properly). It’s not ideal, but makes the trick.

It might be easier to use a Line, assuming you don’t want it to have an effect on actual playback.

Thank you pianoleo, but I like to be able to align them more easily, specially when I have a lot of them in a row. I think that if the arrow is a playing technique I get this automatically.