Hiding div. and unis labels

Is it possible to hide the “div.” and “unis.” labels when using condensed divisi staffs (e.g. in choral writing).

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 9.40.43 AM

Yes, you should be able to select it in Engrave mode and hide it using the available property.

If you don’t ever need uncondensed staves in any layout for this piece, you could also just write using two voices on the same staff.


Thanks. It would be nice if that could be a global (per staff or section player) setting.

I greatly prefer using divisi/condensed staffs, because it’s a huge timesaver in those situations where I need to redistribute who is getting which line during the composition/orchestration process. Honestly, it’s probably one of my top three favorite features in Dorico!

The point of condensing is separate layouts for individual players – most often woodwinds that are combined in the score. So unless you need separate voice part layouts for some reason, it’s just as good to write condensed choral music on the staves the way it will be read.

Mark, that’s not how I’m using it. The divisi parts are condensed in the score and parts. The only time they are separate is in gallery view in write mode. This is a massively powerful way of working because it makes moving lines to different divisi sections easier during the writing process. I’m sure my use case is something the developers designed it for–you can see it in their videos and also with many of the layout options available.