Hiding dotted rests

With some rough sketch sheets, I want to hide rests and keep rhythmic spaces equivalent to them.

I can hide, say, quarter rests and half rests by changing opacity to 0%, but dots of dotted rests remain black.

How can I hide dotted rests?

Try scaling the rest down to 1% size; that should scale both the rest and its dot.

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Wow, it works! Thanks Daniel.

After using workarounds to hide rests and notes (0% opacity, 1% scale), I’ve noticed some limits.

First, I can’t hide stems of notes in exported PDF.

Stems are invisible in Dorico’s window, but PDF shows short stems in grey.

Second, once I hide the elements, they are totally invisible in Dorico and it’s difficult to edit them afterwards.

I hope there would be more straightforward way to hide the elements in the future version…
Hiding elements.pdf (19.6 KB)

Rather than trying to hide rests, try using notes of equivalent value (to maintain the spacing) and hide the stem and the notehead in Properties (those two attributes are only available in Properties when you are in Engrave mode).

No scaling is needed, and when a note has its notehead and stem hidden, they show up in Dorico as a very pale grey so it is possible to see them and edit them.

Also in Properties, you can suppress playback of selected notes so that they effectively become rests.

PS When you hide a dotted notehead, the dot hides as well.

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Thank you stevenjones01, I couldn’t find “Hide stem” and “Hide notehead” because they are on the far right side and hidden by the right zone (Page Templates, etc.).

I still hope very simple “Hide” option would be added in the future.

There should be a scroll bar which you can drag across.

If you can’t scroll in the lower zone, here is an alternative method of scrolling to the right in Properties to view Hide stem and Hide notehead.

First make sure you are in Engrave mode.

Select the note(s) which you want to hide.

Open the lower zone.

Select one of the Properties which you can see (Offset or Accidental, for example), but don’t change any values.

Press Tab repeatedly (we’re talking about 20 to 30 times) until you see Hide stem and Hide notehead. They are the last two buttons in the Notes and Rests section, immediately before the Beaming section.

When pressing Tab, you will not see anything happening for a while, but the contents of the lower zone will move across as you keep pressing Tab.