Hiding drum set rests

Hi there!

I’ve looked around in the forums and seen a few of these discussions, but I was wondering if anything has changed since then. The most recent post I’ve seen was responded to by @dspreadbury back in March '20, which is before Dorico 3.5 came out. The topic in question is hiding rests in a drum kit part. I have found a solution to an initial problem I had when creating a legend for my drum kit to clean it up a bit, but in my actual score I am unable to perform this in a clean, non-invasive way. Is this still not possible? I feel this would be a nice feature to have in the near future. Thanks!

Unfortunately there is at present no way to edit rests in percussion kits shown using either the five-line staff or grid appearance, but this is a high priority work item for us and we do anticipate it being addressed in the next major version of the software.


You can create a note instead of rest, select it in Write/Engrave mode, open the Properties panel, enable “Custom scale” and set it to 1 (optionally enable also “Suppress playback” to “ignore” that note).

And that rest is finally gone! :wink:

In D4, you should also be able to just use Edit > Remove Rests.