Hiding empty staves not behaving properly

I have many parts where there’s an occasional solo player in a section. For this I use another stave.

I’m finding when I set in the layout to hide empty staves it won’t hide them in the first system in a flow. I didn’t choose the option to not hide in the first system. I want them gone, is there any way to do that?

If you have imported from XML, the starting clefs may be the culprit. Try to select and delete them.

This is a typical problem with xml import. Alas.

Thanks guys, yes it was from XML import. One more thing to do on import as well as redo all dynamics (because they get turned into random junk), tempi (everything gets set to 1/4 = 100), most technique indications, solo/tutti marks etc etc. It’s so much manual work and so error-prone that it really puts me off importing scores from Sibelius.

To be fair, much of this trouble may be how Sibelius exports MusicXML in the first place.

Have you tried the dolet? I have experienced that this works better than the Sibelius export.