Hiding full bar rests in cues

This is for a jazz drum part. I’m using a separate staff for the horn hits, and then “cue” that into the drum part. Works great, except empty bars from the “hits” staff show up in the drum part as whole note rests. Is there a way to stop empty bars from the “hits” staff from showing in the drum part? I know I can create a series of cue areas containing only the bars that actually have “hit” content, but that is tedious and error prone. It would be easier to just create a single cue that spans the entire drum part.


Yes, there’s a Notation Option for it - I don’t think there’s a single-instance equivalent off the top of my head.

I tried that. It doesn’t work.

Here is a screen shot of both the music and the setup dialog. The upper staff is the drum part, the lower is the “hits” staff. As you can see, the full bar rests are showing in the drum part.

Isn’t this a property of the cue? I mean, the Notation option hides the rest of the instrument that is reading the cue, not the instrument that gives the cue. In your example, it’s the horns that have rests. And I think I remember you can turn those off in the properties panel.
[Edit] I’m afraid the only option there is in the properties is to hide rests around the cue.

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You are right regarding my misunderstanding of what that option does.

I looked but can’t find any notation options that are specific to a single staff in a layout. The best I can find is to use “end voice” on the ‘hits’ staff to hide all the full bar rests. This is better than lots of small cue sections, since a mistake in this case means an unnecessary rest symbol and not a missing hit.

It’s still rather inconvenient.