hiding hairpin causes crash!

I thought i was being clever, using a hairpin to force extra space between staves in a system, then hiding the hairpin (properties: color=0% opacity). I have used this 0% opacity to rests I don’t want to see and can’t get rid of any other way.

The hairpin trick works to create space – but, reliably (three times in a row), choosing the hairpin and then selecting properties: color causes the spinning color wheel of death (Mac).The wheel doesn’t stop, so I have to force-quit.

Too bad. Any ideas about other things I could use, then hide to force extra space between system staves? Or do I just have to wait for vertical spacing to be implemented in a future update?

David Froom

This bug has been fixed since the initial release and will not occur in 1.0.10, but you will also be able to adjust the staff spacing explicitly in 1.0.10 in any case, so you’ll have no need of this kind of creative solution to start with.

That is great to hear!