Hiding Hyphens in condensed Score

I’ve got a project, where in some layouts the choir isn’t condensed (in the attached project it is Partitur and Chorpartitur), but in one, it is condensed (Chorpartitur mit Streichern und Orgel). As I want the Tenors and Sopranos to have up-stem voices and the Basses and Altos downstem voices, I switched on Manual Condensing, which resulted in having a lot of lyrics, even really only one line is needed.
No problem, I selected the unwanted lyrics, put the custom scale to 1 and the color to white with alpha channel 0. (Side question - is there a better/faster way to do that?)

I’m quite pleased with the result, however when exporting to pdf using the build-in colour pdf export and printing, the lyric hyphenlines are still there, see attached pdf.

Obviously deleting all hyphens or changing an engraving option isn’t ideal, since I need the hyphens visible in the other layouts.
Any help welcome. Thanks.

Unfortunately, absent more detailed options for how lyrics should be handled in condensed music, which is certainly something we’re planning to add in future, I don’t think you have much choice. You could consider covering up the area containing the lyrics with a solid white graphic in Engrave mode, perhaps, but that will also involve quite some labour.

I deal with errant hyphens all the time when I’m manually spacing small notes with wide lyrics.

There’s actually an easy trick: select all the lyrics to which the offending hyphens belong, and put “Line start X” to an absurdly large number e.g. 9999999999999 spaces. This shunts the hyphens way off the page to the right. If your project is extremely long, you may find a hyphen floating over a later page—you can just select it and add some more 9s to the X value.