Hiding instruments in Write mode

I sometimes write pieces in a neo-Baroque style with a continuo part. Is there a (convenient) way in Write mode to toggle hide/show the instrumental parts (cello, organ, lute, etc.) that play the continuo part’s realisation? When working on the upper parts, I find it distracting to see all the realising instruments; but I would still like to hear them during playback of course.

Easiest way is to create a new custom layout in set up mode, and then assign only the instruments you want to display on that layout.

Though you’d have to tab back to the full score layout to hear them all - It will both display and play whatever is in the layout.

Have you tried the new “staff visibility” feature? Double click a system break (or frame break) and there’s a panel that opens, where you decide which staff is hidden or showing. Seems to me quite straightforward to solve your problem.

Marc, but then you would have to actively make system or frame breaks before composing, interrupting the intuitive workflow, no?

I suppose you would only hide those instruments once the work is composed… I mean, composition is more for galley view, right? And page mode for finished score, ready to be played. At least, that’s how I understand it…

Some important information regarding this thread:

  1. If you choose to set staff visibility off as Marc suggests, I would recommend you create a new temporary layout so that these don’t interfere with your main layout for final output.
  2. In order to have the staves hidden, you have to be in Page Mode, not Gallery.
  3. Even though some staves are hidden, all staves can be heard, contrary to what gdball suggested. (This is pretty cool!).

I wish you could hide staves in gallery mode and have all parts playing, very useful for large orchestral arrangement.