Hiding Lyrics on a Specific Staff in Full score


I have Choral (STBA) score. I’d like the lyrics to be shown in all parts but in Soprano staff in the full score layout.

Currently, the lyrics are show in all staves! In full score of Alto that I want to hide the lyrics in full score,

Filtered Lyrics by:

  • Write mode.
  • selected all event on the staff.
  • Use Edit > Filter > Lyrics to select only the lyrics in the passage.

Unfortunately, with the lyrics selected, in the Properties panel in Write mode I don’t see any place to change their color or opacity, effectively hiding them.

Are individual voice parts definitely necessary? Typically, choirs sing from vocal scores that show all voice parts as this helps the singers orient themselves, pick up pitches from each other, etc.

Therefore, as long as all the lyrics you want to show are set up as required in the vocal score, then hiding isn’t necessary.

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All four staves sing at the same time exact same syllables from the lyric.

Typically, I think, you would use two staves (SA and TB) with the lyrics between them.