Hiding MixConsole Title bar?

I am using C12 Pro (Win10) and I am wondering if there is a way to hide the title bar of the MixConsole “window”, making it look similar to the Transport Bar (which has no title), thus gaining some working space on the desktop.

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You didn’t say if you’re on Windows or Mac, but on Windows you can just maximize the mix console window to make it full screen (the regular Cubase menu bar remains, of course).

That’s true, I forgot to mention (thanks for telling me, I have now edited).

If I maximize the MixConsole I can’t see almost anything else (Project window, Audio Performance meters, loaded VST Instrument list…); so that move is useless to me.

I’d like to keep all the tools windows as movable and resizeable as they are, just hiding (or at least reducing) their title bars, so that those windows take up less (vertical) space on the desktop.
I wish they looked like the Transport bar, which has no title bar at all.