Hiding notes?

I’ve painted myself into a corner and hoping to be able to get out!
I have some non-measured passages that have say 51 16th notes in the piano.
In the WW’s they’re just holding long “whole” notes. Most of those WW instrument staves are then condensed with say all three flutes on the same staff. Looks great, but I need to be able to hide some fake notes after these whole notes filling up the measures. They need to be the same so the staves will condense. Seems that leaving in rests to fill out the measures, and then deleting those rests, doesn’t work. Once those staves are condenses, the rests reappear. If I make the notes a “custom scale” of 1 percent, once printed on pdf, it’s not totally clean.

Any way to really just hide notes that are there, that then won’t reappear when condensing?

Many thanks!

I’m not quite sure what you are doing, but if you want a whole note to span the same time as 51 16th-notes, why not put it in a 16:51 tuplet of 16ths? Or make a 51:16 tuplet for the 16th-notes if you prefer.

Excellent idea Rob.

Many thanks!!