Hiding or changing instrument numbers

I need two staves for the solo cornets. As there are four of these in a brass band I’d need for the staves either to be numbered 1 2 and 3 4 or not numbered at all (whichever is easier to do), but I can’t find how to do this. Could someone jog my memory?
Screenshot 03-23-2022 10.41.56

Have you already enabled condensing to allow the two players to share a single staff?

Sounds to me like you’ve set up 2 players and intend to write 2 parts in each… Dorico’s idiom is Players and condensing, so if you instead set up 4 players and use condensing - if necessary by creating 2 custom condensing groups - the numbering will be correct…

Ah, that’s it, of course. Thanks all. Traditionally, each pair of solo cornets shares a desk and therefore a part between them , which is why I set them up as two instruments/players rather than four. Condensing (AFAIK) isn’t available in part layouts, so presumably a bit of copy and paste will be required when preparing the parts. Unless I could hide the numbers completely…

Sure about that? :wink: it’s available in any layout.

You could rename two cornet instruments, but then with the numbers 1.2 / 3.4 included in the corresponding instrument names, they’d be different and so wouldn’t consolidate into one justified between the two staves.

Or, just use one of the players for each part layout (i.e. Cornet 1 player → Cornet 1.2. part layout); the layout name is the one shown at the top of part layouts, and that can be whatever you want.

Oops, mea extremely maxima culpa. I was in Galley View :roll_eyes:… No problem, then. Thanks again!