Hiding otiose instructions

I would like to have a way to hide unnecessary instructions in parts. Here’s an example:

In the second staff, at Letter 3, this cymbalist should just have to count 26 bars. Instead, he has to count 24+2 bars because of the poco rit. Tempo Text. That clutters up the part. And it makes him think something is coming, when it’s not.
I really wish there was a way to hide these unnecessary System Texts in parts where they are not in use, so that the empty bars would flow together.
I don’t suppose this exists. If it does, maybe someone could say. And if it doesn’t, maybe the Dorico design team will think about it.

On the contrary. For long passages of rests like these, tempo changes are the most useful landmarks imaginable (it’s much easier to misread any cue than to miss a change in tempo). It would be a great disservice to the player to leave this information out.


Elaine Gould says “Multiple-rest bars should be divided in the following circumstances: time signature change, tempo change, pauses, and rehearsal marks.” (p.565)

I agree with Alexander that it’s informative for the player, and not ‘unnecessary’ at all.


OK. Point noted. Thanks.