Hiding Parameters


I have a question regarding output parameters. I have a plugin with 2 output parameters (Output level left, Output level right). I set the values for these parameters at the end of each processing block. I link the parameter to a VU meter with the control tag in VSTGUI.

The problem is that the plugin is showing these parameters as if it were normal adjustable UI parameters. They appear in the parameter list in Reaper. I do not want to show these parameters to the user. I only use them for visual feedback on the output level. I created the parameters with flags kIsReadOnly and kIsHidden and expected them not to appear in the parameter list. Am i doing something wrong or is there a better way to do this?


It looks like that Reaper does not (yet?) support the hidden parameter flag. And it looks like it ignores the read only flag. You may can ask the reaper dev directly if they plan to support this.

The problem indeed seems to be in the DAW. If i run the plugin in Studio One 5 i do not see the hidden paramters. Thanks for your help.