Hiding pauses in lower voices

I’m inputting choral music, and I’ve got a shared stave in the soprano part. I’ve created a pause on a rest, and a second pause has been created in the 2nd voice, and I only want to see one of them (you can critique my engraving choices as much as you like, but this is what I want to achieve for now).

How do I go about hiding the rest? I’d have done this in Sibelius by selecting the rest and hiding the object, but that doesn’t seem to be an option in Dorico



To get rid of the rest, select the rest and choose Edit > Remove Rests.

You can select the pause and open the Properties panel, then take a look at the properties: you can choose how many per staff you want to see. Defaults for this can be found on the Holds and Pauses page of Engraving Options.