Hiding/Removing Stereo Out track from project window?

Is there a way to permanently hide/remove the stereo out track from the project window?

It seems to react incorrectly to visibility configurations in the lower zone mixer. When I have all of my tracks hidden in the project window, then switch to another visibilty configuration in the lower zone, the Stereo Out track will appear.

I don’t use the lower zone mixer but maybe the procedure is similar and will help you figure it out.

  • In the project window I uncheck the “Input/Output Channel” which also unchecks the “Stereo Out”.
  • In the mixer I remove the “Stereo Out” channel by unchecking it in the “Filter Channel Types” menu. Then… I’ll do the same for Mixconsole 2 & 3. This will eliminate the Stereo Out channel coming back into the project window If you have any of the “Sync Project and Mixconsole /2/3” visibility checked in the project window.

Going forward I suggest that you set up a template with these settings included.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks Prock.

I’ve actually tried all combos I can think of, I’m not syncing the Mixconsole and project window. The thing is I want to see the stereo out in the Mixconsole, but not int the project window. It never used to be there before, so is it a 9.5 thing?

The only way I’ve found to stop it happening is to (as you say) hide the output in the Mixconsole, which I don’t want to do. If I don’t, the output will always reappear no matter what my visibility settings are.

Yes, new for 9.5.