Hiding staff in regions

Hi !
I’m a very new user of Dorico (after so many years of finale…).
Can someone tell me if it is possible to hide a s5 lines staff in a particular region? For ex : hide in the measures 3 and 4 the 5 lines staff of the right hand of a piano score.

It’s a quite common thing in contemporary scores, in my example it means that the right hand will play unpitched sounds out from the keyboard, and so the 5 lines staff have to be hided

Thanks a lot in advance ! :smiley:

Dorico can’t yet do “cut-away” scores where a staff disappears and reappears within the same system. This is planned for the future.

Thanks a lot for the answer…
Indeed It would be great to integrate this function : the possibility of cutting-away, or transforming in one-line-staff or other types for juste a select region of the same system (the old ctrl-click in selected staff regions in finale…)

Has this kind of functionality made it into Dorico Pro 2? I’m trying to find a way to hide specific bars of music. Is there any way to do this currently? I have a cellist playing with a looping pedal, she’s already looped four held notes and then needs to play over them, but I don’t need her to see all four held notes for the rest of the piece, they’re just playing in the background and that’s notated with text. Any way to make these measures go away in her part but not the score?

No, there’s no way to do this at the moment. You’d have to employ a workaround like duplicating the flow and including that flow in her layout but the original one in the full score, then edit the flow in her layout to remove those bars, but of course then you have the problem of needing to keep those two flows in sync manually.

Thanks for the work around idea Daniel! I might just print the PDF and then edit out the bars in In Design, but I’ll give your suggestion a try as well. Are there plans to implement this kind of control (hiding specific measures) in the future?

We don’t have any specific plans for that exact thing, but I expect that as the application matures some further flexibility in these kinds of areas will become possible.