Hiding stems deletes trem. bars. How not to?

I’m using diamond shaped noteheads to denote pitches of unspecified duration. In order to get the proper white diamond size and shape I have to use half notes and hide the stems. In a trem. if I use whole notes, avoiding the stem issue, the noteheads are a different shape and size, but I can’t use the half note notehead in a trem without the bars disappearing. Any workaround suggestions? Thanks.

I have no idea what the actual underlying note values are, but why not use a 2:1 hidden tuplet and then use semibreves/whole notes?

You could also create a custom Notehead Set with the diamond size and shape you want for the whole notes, then apply your custom set to the notes in question.

Fred: I gave that a try but seem to be doing something wrong and had to reset it to default. Will try the hidden tuplet thing.

Just so I’m sure what you are trying to do, is m1 the default you are trying to avoid, m2 the example with half notes where the tremolo is gone in the 2nd half of the bar after stems are hidden, and m3 what you want it to look like?

Yes Fred, that’s what I’m going for. Has to do with consistency of notation.

To make that 3rd bar I just created a custom Notehead Set that consisted of only one glyph, that diamond, and set it for Duration: Double Whole Note and Use For Durations Shorter Than and Equal. Basically anywhere I apply that Notehead Set I will only get that diamond. You can of course just edit the existing set to use that glyph as well. Or create a custom set that has everything set up exactly with the glyphs you want.

I downloaded Anthony Hugh’s vid on using the note set editor. I followed his instructions step by step, created a new catagory and added a diamond white minim notehead and clicked ok. It shows up in the notehead set but when I try to edit a note with the note I added it does not show up, only the default note provided by Dorico. I set all the durations etc and I tried it multiple times with no success and it’s maddening to say the least. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any hints appreciated. Thanks

Do you have it set up more or less like this?

If so, then any notehead you apply it to should show up with your specified shape.

More or less yes. I did somehow figure it out so I have a working model, but I’m still not sure why previous attempts didn’t work. Thanks for the reply.