Hiding the Folder Track possible?

A quick question to all you knowledgeable folk out there:

Is there any way of grouping tracks together, without having to view the group folder in the project window? I like being able to group my tracks without all the clutter within the project window.


Use Folder Tracks to keep the clutter down!

Hmmm, that’s what I was getting but had my terminology mixed up.

So to rephrase, can I hide the folder track when it’s contents are visible? I don’t like how having it open takes up more space in the project window.

Simply, no you can’t.

actually it’s possible:

divide the project window, put all the track(s) you don’t want to see into the upper half and and drag the line between the project window areas all the way to the top :slight_smile:

ah, sorry, I got the question wrong.

Yep, there is… Only just found out myself.


Excellent feature!

Is this not the same thing that grecore posted?


Yep… I was typing while he was posting.

And I also misunderstood the question. :unamused: