Hiding the locator pop up window

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Maybe someone could help me out with a little issue i have. While working on a project (Cubase 9 pro, latest build), I must have pressed some shortcut and now there’s a small pop up window floating around indicating the locator range (I didn’t notice it pop up while doing some editing, so I’m not even sure which button combination I pressed). I’ve uploaded an attachment of the issue at hand. It’s a little annoying, since with my current setup, there isn’tmuch space for such a (imo useless) window. I’d be grateful if someone could tell me how to disable it :slight_smile:

Pop up.PNG

Someone else encountered this before and I got it last week also. I’ve been searching for like 15 minutes to see how to hide it but couldn’t find anything. I just moved it out of view and continued working. I suspect this might be a bug of some sort because I haven’t seen any solution yet for it here?

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I have had this happen too several times, it is a 9.0.20 thing, as it never happened before this,
there doesn’t seem to be anyway of getting rid of it, although when rebooting Cubase it will have gone

It’s the command Enter Left Locator or Enter Right Locator. You must have a keystroke assigned to the commands, and have the lower transport, and the transport panel, closed in order for it to appear.

The command is a toggle, so hit it again to close.

The above suggestion didnt work for me.

I had this happen too, hit some keys and the locator positions have popped up with no option to close them. I have transport window open, I also have tried Enter Left Locator and Enter Right Locator shortcuts and the thing is still there.

another clue is that I notice the pop-up has the punch points symbols visible, not the locator flags, like the locator position does on the tranport bar itself so there is something different about this thing and it must be a floating feature for some punch record use, but I failed to find the kill switch.

restarted Cubase… gone. phew! its the sort of thing you can spend most of a day looking for while hitting random shift-crtl-alt-es-#$e4@!!!@ combinations of keys, and generally fkin everything up.

Just in case anyone comes across this in future:

Shift+L or Shift+R will toggle the Locator popup
No need to have Transport hidden.

Shift+I or Shift+O will toggle the Punch Points popup
No need to have Transport hidden

You can see these under the Transport Menu if you don’t have key commands setup.


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Phew, thanks, I learned this shit and then forget it, a pain