Hiding Time Signatures and Bar numbers

OK Pulling my hair out over this one! I want to hide Time Sigs and bar numbers. I understand that this is possible through the panels but I cannot find anything that allows me to toggle the view anywhere. In the Time Sig Panel I have 3 options: Time Sigs used in this flow then common time sigs and Create Time Sig. There is nothing saying hide or show. As for bar numbers…?
Help please.
Cheers, Tom

Dorico 2.20

Select the time signature in the score, and open the properties panel at the bottom. You’ll find the “Hide” toggle.

Layout Options—Bar Numbers.

Thank you Dan! I am still learning the terminology and where things are! So the properties panel is the bottom panel then?
I nee to to RTFM again! Is there a global option for hiding sigs that I have also missed?
Cheers, Tom

There isn’t a global way of turning off Time Signatures, but you could select one time signature, Select More (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+A) and then hide them all in one go, from the properties panel. Yes, the properties panel is the bottom one.