hiding tracks

can this be done in the arrange page, like you can do in the mixer?

or can you set the arrange page to reflect the tracks that are shown in the mixer?


Not yet, unfortunately…

In the arrange i think putting them in folders does the job

Another way to hide tracks is to divide the project window by clicking on the “divide track list” in the upper right hand corner. Then you can just put the tracks or folders you don’t want to see “underneath” your main arrange window.

thanks, I’ve do do both of those suggestions but it would be nice to have to bar at the side like the mixer. It would make it nice and quick and different configurations could be saved… tracking things like lots of backing vox would be great if you could clear the screen with a single click of the mouse while tracking!

I don’t know why is that a problem for the people at Steinberg. This has been a feature which has been requested time after time. I guess it just can’t be done with cubase I guess.

I didn’t know is has been requested before…

I saw pro tools 10 for the first time last week and the first thing I noticed is how you could change what is shown in the arrange page … it seems so logical. when you have alot of midi/audio tracks, folders, instruments and FX lanes on your arrange page all at one time it gets more difficult to manage!