hiding upper staff of piano hides figured bass from lower staff?

Hiding the upper staff of a piano part seems to hide figured bass in the lower staff – has anyone else experienced this?

Figured bass appears normally (below the lower staff) when both staves are visible, but when the upper empty staff is hidden the figured bass vanishes.

Is there a property or setting I am missing?

I worked around it in this case – I just need one figure (a sharp), so I created a Playing Technique, found the Bravura symbol for a sharp, moved it underneath the note, and it shows even when the upper staff is hidden.

(I’m new to Dorico (long-time Sibelius user) so forgive me for any obvious misunderstandings, and if there is a better/easier way to use music symbols as text elements, let me know.)

I can confirm the behaviour.

Before Dorico did Figured Bass, the ‘workaround’ was to select a special font for Translation Lyrics, and then use that in the Lyric tool. It is still useful for limitation’s in the Figured Bass. It will do brackets and italicised figures, for example. You can find it here.

It’s SMuFL compatible, so it also works as the font for ‘real’ figured bass.

Welcome to the forum, cangrande. I can confirm that this is, for now at least, the expected behaviour. We expect to change it in the future, but not imminently.

Thank you benwiggy and Daniel – glad to know it’s not some error or setting I missed on my part. And it’s such a low-ocurrence event with easy-enough workarounds, so not a big deal in any case.

Reviving this question.

The workaround using Figurato still stands, or is there now some way of showing the figured bass already entered?

… I have to reply to myself, just found a way.

If I move the left hand bass notes with the figures to the right hand …

… the figures will show. Go figure.

The downside is that I am stuck with a cautionary clef that is impossible to hide.

There’s not really such a thing as a cautionary clef, since that’s the clef change itself. You could perhaps make it 1% scale?

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One possible fix might be to use a Single Player, who holds two instruments: a grand-staff keyboard, and a single-staff ‘other’ instrument. Then switch between them.

The switch needs to be at a system break, because otherwise it goes a bit mad:

Figurato no longer works well with Lyrics now – the font has a very, very large bounding box, which makes the figures appear very far away from the staff. (Because Lyrics uses Paragraph Styles now).

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Very good, that works!

Also a good solution! Thanks!

@dspreadbury @benwiggy
I have been experimenting a bit with this now.
A combination of these two methods seems to be the best way for me at this moment.

When the change coincides with a system break, I will use the extra instrument method, and when it doesn’t, I will use the other (in this way I won’t have to change the layout, that has already been set).

Thank you both for your input.

…some problems with the extra instrument though. The vertical spacing will change a little bit, as the setting for braced staff/staff is set differently, and going back to the other instrument in the same flow seems not to function flawlessly. If I can illustrate what happens I will post it.