hiding upper time signature

Hello everyone.

I know it’s a strange question, since this is not how it is supposed to be. Still…

I’m transcribing some measures of Arvo Pärt’s Miserere for my exam in Composition Analysis.

In the universal edition, which I kinda like, every time the score changes metrics when system breaking, he does not put the “new” time signature on the upper part, but only on the lower part. Since this won’t be played but it’s only a matter of graphic I like this idea, so I’m asking… is there a way of hiding it? I know that, for now, I still cannot make time signatures like that, I’ll manage it with illustrator later on, (or at least I think that this cannot be done yet)

Any ideas?

In fact we will support this kind of time signature natively in the next version of Dorico: you’ll be able to specify that time signatures should be drawn above the staff, at system object positions, and you’ll then be able to specify that only the numerator is shown (as is already possible).

and what about hiding the upper part? I’m sorry I don’t know how to say it in english…

To hide “cautionary” time signatures, you should try starting a new flow for any system that begins with a changed time signature. Admittedly, this is not the most convenient thing to do, but my sense is that Arvo Pärt’s music/notation is very groundbreaking and thus will present challenges.

Our forthcoming support for time signatures above the staff will not remove cautionary time signatures: it’s important that they still appear.

What you could do for the time being is put the time signatures in as normal and hide them using the ‘Hide time signature’ property, then simply insert the appropriate text above the staff using Shift+Alt+X system text.

yeah I tried that way, but it messes a bit staves spacing. I’ll mess around with something.

Thanks Daniel

You will also soon be able to tell Dorico that specific text items shouldn’t be considered for collision avoidance. We’ll get there eventually!

I think I just got more excited about the forthcoming update of Dorico than the movie Avengers Infinity Wars.