hiding vst instrument panel


I have searched hi and low without success. How can I hide the VST instrument and Media bay panel if there are no VST instruments being used and no need to refer to mediabay?



ALT + T will do the job :slight_smile:

yes, should have searched the forums some more. It can also be changed in the top left panel as an option. Given so many people have not found this item, and I believe it isn’t referenced in the manual, and it does take up a huge amount of screen space; maybe make it a more visible option on the actual rack screen?


Yes this is one of the more obvious “post revision” features not to be found in the Operation Manual.

This new instrument rack/media bay lay out is the only thing I am not satisfied with with CB8. The small instrument racks of previous CB was much more handy. The new one is just tooooooo big! Fills up much of the screen. The old one fitted nicely in the lower left corner of the mixer. That is impossible with the new one as it can’t be scaled to a small window. I hope that rack scaling will be a preference option. I really don’t get the necessity for the big rack. The controls are limited anyway compared to the GUI go the instruments.